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How to get rid of Bed Bugs with Home Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs With Home Remedies

How frustrating is it to wake up with new itchy bumps that weren’t there the night before?- If this has happened to you, you will want to know How to get rid of Bed Bugs with Home Remedies.

There is a possibility that these new itchy bumps are caused by bed bug bites.

While for the most part, these pests are relatively harmless, the sheer physical and mental discomfort that comes from infestation justifies taking direct action.

What Are Bed Bugs and what do they look like exactly?

How to get rid of Bed Bugs with Home Remedies
A Bed Bug


Bed bugs are quite tiny and measure approximately one quarter to one half of an inch in size. They have flat backs that make them sometimes confused with beetles or ticks.
They cannot fly and they can live for up to a year without food.

They get around by hitch-hiking a lift in people’s baggage, suitcases or clothes.

Bed Bugs are quite prolific and can be found just about anywhere, including not only homes and hotels, but even public transportation (eeeuw).

Bed bugs are nocturnal and stay out of sight especially during the day.

After taking up a comfy residence in your house, they make themselves at home in mattresses, along floorboards and in piles of linen or clothing.

It’s a bit sickening to know that we are their food and as such they hang out in areas that give them easy access to their live (although unwilling) hosts.
Occasionally these pests will sometimes ‘slum-it’ and make a meal out of pets, and consequently, pet bedding may well be another popular area for these pests to live.


What are classic Signs Of An Infestation?

Firstly you will probably notice the signs of an infestation long before you actually see a critter. You may wake up with a few, itchy bites that weren’t there yesterday, without ever having seen a single bug. Not only are they tiny, and keep out of the light, but they are excellent at hiding from their hosts.
As far as the bites themselves are concerned, they are small and pink and are often confused with mosquito or flea bites.

Occasionally, if you are very observant, you may also notice tiny blood spots on your sheets.

Another sign of Bed Bug infestation is tiny rust-colored specks or pellets. These are … you guessed it, Bed Bug poop !!

Bed bugs may be tiny, but they do leave behind waste, which can only be seen on a light-colored sheet (if you have good eyesight).

How to get rid of Bed Bugs with Home Remedies

Bed bugs are great at hiding. They are tiny and their eggs are even smaller, like a speck of dust. As you can imagine, this presents a challenge when it comes to finding and eradicating them. Fortunately, although difficult, it is not impossible to get rid of these pests, but it does take some diligence and a fair amount of patience.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Clean up the area where you think the infestation may be. In other words, if you believe it’s in your mattress, start off by clean up any debris, clutter or dirt underneath the bed. Strip off all bedding and pillowcases (be relentless) and wash them in hot, soapy water. Turn-up the temperature on the washing machine as hot as it will go or as hot as the linen/clothing will endure without being damaged. If washing by hand, use hot water – but be careful you don’t burn yourself. Use ample detergent. Any nearby linen or clothing should also be washed in the same way. To be thorough, even curtains, stuffed animals, and shoes should be washed or placed in the dryer on a high temperature for a minimum of fifteen minutes. This process will ensure that all Bed Bug eggs are destroyed (and hopefully all the bed bugs as well).
  2. Once you have followed the cleaning routine in step 1 above, thoroughly vacuum the bed and particularly the mattress and the area around the bed as well. Now, there may be bed bugs that are now transferred to the vacuum bag and therefore it is important that you replace the vacuum bag immediately afterward the vacuuming process, and make sure that you throw the old bag in your outside garbage receptacle.
  3. This not compulsory, but I would recommend that you purchase a zipper-sealed mattress cover to place over your mattress once steps 1 and 2 have been completed. This will further assist in preventing any bed bugs that were left behind from ‘escaping’ out.

Simple steps to Prevent Bed Bug Infestation

As the saying goes, “prevention is always better than cure”.

I must acknowledge that it’s difficult to absolutely prevent a bed bug infestation. The bugs are so small and they hitch a lift virtually anywhere. There are, however, protocols you can follow to vastly decrease your odds of getting them:

  1. When traveling, always take a large sealable plastic bag with you in your suitcase and be sure to place your suitcase inside the plastic bag when staying over at a friend’s house and particularly a hotel or motel.
  2. Before bringing any second-hand or clothes into your house, make sure you first thoroughly inspect the items and if possible and appropriate, put them through the washing protocol discussed above.

In conclusion

Removing a Bed Bug infestation by yourself can be done by careful washing and vacuuming, but if you don’t want to do this, or your DIY efforts are unsuccessful, consider contacting a professional.

Sven Welsh

What started out as an intention to economically protect my family and property from the ravages (and some dangers) of pests, has turned into a quest to share my research and findings with others.
Despite the cost and potential dangers of some eradication techniques, there are cost-effective and ethical ways of dealing with pests.
Knowledge is power.

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